Friday, March 3, 2017

Fr John Joe Garvey

Since as a pupil in the nineteen fifties he attended the Boys Primary School in Millstreet Town
The roadways of life he has been up and down
Even as a young teenager when his hair was brown
He dreamed of helping others not of wealth and renown

Fr John Joe Garvey perhaps in his early seventies is a devout man
He is helping the poorest of people in Sudan
Yet he seems a forgotten person in his Hometown today
And this does seem a sad thing for to have to say

Where there are many hungry to be fed and many souls for to save
It takes a brave and honorable person to live to do good where many go to an early grave
To drought ravaged and war torn tropical Sudan a person like Fr John Joe is an asset indeed
And of far more of his kind the Human World is in need

People like him are people one can only admire
And of singing their praises i for one cannot tire
But sadly for his sort never a street parade
It is not out of acts of compassion and kindness that heroes are made

In his Hometown of Millstreet in Duhallow where his journey in life began
Today it does seem he is a forgotten man
To do good in the World one who has traveled far
To a drought ravaged tropical Country of famine and war.

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