Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Love To Hear The Sound Of Laughter

I love to hear the sound of laughter it never fails to make my day
The laughter of a happy barroom, the laughter of children at play
Human feelings very different where sorrow is joy not to be found
The happy one does have many friends where laughter is happiness abound
Of the praises of the sound of laughter i always feel happy to sing
For laughter spreads in joy ripples it can be an infectious thing
The one who does not like the sound of laughter is one who does lack in joy of life
One of mind not very happy struggling with dark inner strife
Every time i hear the sound of laughter i feel like laughing as well
Life for the one who cannot laugh has to be a living hell
Life would be sad without laughter to sorrow an antidote
Those who laugh a lot are quite popular since happiness they do promote
With those who do not like the sound of laughter something about them seems wrong
It is so very infectious that with the one laughing i laugh along.

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