Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The White Flower Of Peace Is Not Blooming Today

News of more maimed and dying in bombings and terrorism from here far away
The white flower of peace is not blooming today
In war and terrorism it is always the innocent for the sins of others does pay
And this is a very sad thing for to say
It is people who use religion and borders as an excuse for this are to blame
But they alone are responsible for their crimes of shame
For their future bad Karma they are planting the seed
Of their sort of people humanity is not in need
They take human life as if it were something cheap
But what applies to everyone also applies to them what we sow we must reap
So much for religion and borders and national pride
Far too many in wars and acts of terrorism have died
In the crimes of the bad the innocent should not be made to pay
The white flower of peace is not blooming today.

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