Monday, February 21, 2011

Ben Hartnett

The late Ben Hartnett one of the cattle dealing Hartnetts from Knocknagree
An easy going fellow he did seem carefree
He married a Millstreet woman and with her settled down
And they raised their sons and their daughters at The Bridge Millstreet Town

His sons the late Noel and Con and Vincent a chip of the old block
Like their ancestral Hartnetts traded in livestock
Con as well was a famed Gaelic Footballer Ben's second son
All Ireland medals playing for Cork in Croke Park he won

Their reputation as cattle dealers through the decades had grown
And at fairs and marts in Cork and Kerry they became well known
And whether any of the Millstreet or Knocknagree Hartnetts deal in cattle today
Is something i'm not sure of so of that i cannot say

At peace with himself Ben Hartnett seemed that way
One who loved dealing in cattle even when old and gray
Even with a few drinks in he seemed quiet and sedate
I never did see him stirred up or irate

From the World of the living Ben Hartnett long gone
But in those who knew of him fond memories of him live on
In Knocknagree born and raised in Millstreet he grew old
And in his lifetime many calves and cattle he bought and he sold.

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