Thursday, February 24, 2011

Con Linehan

Con Linehan and his wife a Sliabh Luachra Hickey raised their children on their farm in Dooneen
By the Blackwater near the Town of Millstreet in a countryside flat lush and green
An outstanding traditional musician so many old tunes he did know
And in his children and grandchildren the Dooneen Linehan legend does grow

One of the long deceased of Millstreet of life he did live a good span
Con Linehan is one worth remembering he was such a likeable man
He was more than a fine musician a caring man in a kind way
He would feel proud of his descendants the young Linehans of today

That they are such wonderful musicians does not seem surprising at all
As their grand-dad was a great musical talent as those who did know him recall
The gift of music they've been blessed with from their grandfather's genes to them passed down
The Linehans have become famous far from Dooneen near Millstreet Town

Con Linehan was a musician he rates with the best of Millstreet
And more than that he was a good person as nice as one would wish to meet
His descendants famed in musical circles they carry the blood-lines of Con
'Tis true what is said about genius that in the genes it does live on.

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