Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mark Ellis

The first ever Millstreet hurler a Cork senior red jersey to wear
For to do so young Mark Ellis has to be quite a good player
For no average hurler ever makes a senior Cork team
For to line out for Cork many young Cork boys daydream.

Millstreet the home of so many great names of Gaelic Football
As well as greats in other sports one can readily recall
But Mark Ellis the only Millstreet hurler to make it in a big way
He is the Millstreet supreme G A A player of today

Michael McCarthy and the late Tommy O Connor hurling in Millstreet did promote
For their contribution amongst others they are worthy of note
And hurling in Duhallow has stepped up a grade
Since Meelin the All Ireland Junior Club Champions a name for themselves have made

Add to that the achievement of Mark Ellis a young man from Millstreet
To line out for Cork his remarkable feat
From his pivotal position of centre half back
He drives the Rebel County men into attack.

A Millstreet hurler playing senior for Cork thought i'd never see the day
But amazing things in life do happen as some like to say
The young hurlers of Millstreet have their own Intercounty player to admire
And to greatness in hurling them he may inspire.

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