Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sweet Singing Voice Of Annabell Reen

Of the past we have only our memories time does become everyone's foe
My thoughts take me back many Seasons to half of a century ago
When Annabell Reen was All Ireland singing Champion the beautiful teenager with hair of dark brown
That grew in ringlets to her shoulders she was the Pride of Millstreet Town

Her voice sweet as the clear crystal waters that bubbles up in Tubrid Well
In Millstreet we honoured our Irish Singing Champion the beautiful young Annabell
But she did remain unconceited her renown she took in her stride
To have our own champion songstress in Millstreet to us then was a sense of pride

The years seem to come and go quickly on looking back the Seasons of time
The then later to become Mrs O Sullivan was six or seven years from her life's prime
Far beyond the borders of Duhallow she was loved and famous and known
And it was with great pride in Millstreet that we claimed her as one of our own

In Millstreet great changes are occuring at least that is what i am told
But like every other ageing Millstreet migrant my memories are of days of old
And old memories do have a long life they seem to remain evergreen
Many things from the past remain with us like the sweet singing voice of Annabell Reen

As Mrs O Sullivan she resigned from singing Millstreet's loss became Cullen's gain
When of the past i'm visualizing she sings on Radio Eireann again
Till the Reaper does call time on my life old memories with me will remain
Of the Millstreet where i grew into manhood the mental pictures i'll retain.

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