Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Betty Fitzgerald

She was born as Betty Conway, Fitzgerald was her married name
An attractive looking woman in her young years though she never yearned for wealth or fame
A good mother to her son John and to Jim her husband a good wife
So sad to read the news of the passing of one who led an honorable life
With dark brown hair the young Betty Conway looked beautiful in her life's prime
When she was one of Millstreet's finest going back some four decades in time
A charming and kind hearted person one unaffected by conceit
She will be missed by friends and family in Murphy's Terrace and the Town of Millstreet
That Millstreet was better for her living in it of her seems a fair thing to say
Us human beings born as mortals for all of us there's a last day
Predeceased  by her husband Jim Fitzgerald he died a few years ago
It is true what is said about time that it does become everyone's foe
May she rest in peace Betty Fitzgerald she did lead an honorable life
To her son John she was a good mother and to her husband Jim a devoted wife.

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