Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Used To Think

I used to think on Spring twilights he sang his song for me
The gold billed blackbird by my first home upon the cypress tree
But i was green to Nature's ways and thought had proved me wrong
It is to proclaim their territory that inspire birds to song
Old memories do live on in us as long as the gift of memory with us stay
Each time i hear a blackbird sing it takes me to far away
To the old grove by the  roadway in the prime of the Spring
The marvellous gift of memory is an amazing thing
When Nature's feathered minstrels sung at their best in May
The beauty of their singing lives in my mind today
But for the purpose of road widening the Council Workers cut down the grove trees
And all i have left of the past are fading memories
Of an old grove by a roadway that once used to be
And time that does not wait for anyone why should it wait for me?

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