Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Aubane Hall

In Mushera valley they do not have a wailing wall
And few things in life seems to phase them at all
Even when St John's lose in gaelic football
They laugh and sing as they dance in Aubane Hall

The Irish economy is not going well
Though on such a matter they refuse to dwell
In Aubane Hall they dance their cares away
Worry it can wait till another day

For to enjoy your night out you do not need booze
Many healthier and less expensive forms of enjoyment for one for  to choose
In Aubane Hall the grog free craic it is  great
Music, dance and song laughter and joy create

Another wet Spring, Summer and Fall this  year
And the gray fogs on Mushera tell Winter is near
But in the Aubane Hall there is laughter and cheer
For a good night's enjoyment one does not need beer

In the valley of Mushera above  the Town of Millstreet
In the Hall at Aubane when the friends and families do meet
At the last dance of the night there is a loud encore
In a call to the musicians to play one tune more.

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