Thursday, November 22, 2012

In The Park In The Mountains

In the greenery of the park in the mountains where Nature's beauty does abound
In the heat of the sun after a Spring shower you see the steam rise from the ground
The birds in the woodland are singing enjoying the warmth after the rain
Though Nature in her ways mysterious beautiful insights from her we do gain
In the beautiful park in the mountain the home of many different species of trees
In the warm sun after rain in November a refreshening coolness in the freshening breeze
That blow up the southern valley from the flatlands by the country town
And blow dry the wet leaves on the trees in their every shade of green gown
Were i a poet i'd write of Nature of Spring weather breezy and bright
Of steam rising from the grass in the park in the mountains just after rain in the sunlight
Such beauty to view that gives pleasure i've loved Nature since i was a boy
The one who does create such beauty for many a great source of joy
The steam from the grass it is rising in the sunshine just after the rain
A beautiful image for the memory for a lifetime to cherish and retain.

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