Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Rumors On Ian Thorpe

That Ian Thorpe is gay the rumors are flying
The rumors that he does keep on denying
And Ian Thorpe tells the truth he is not one to deceive
He is a man of integrity and him i do believe

Ian Thorpe the World renowned swimmer is famous and widely known
He is not public property and his business is his own
Untruths spread about him muck raking can come with fame
For spreading of innuendos and lies the media have quite a name

Spreading untruths about anybody is a thing anyone ought not to condone
There is so much truth in the saying that well enough is best left alone
Ian Thorpe is quite a decent fellow and like all others he has feelings too
Remember to do unto others what you'd like them to do unto you

Ian Thorpe the five times Olympic gold medallist his honor should not have to defend
The lies spread in the  media about him are meant to hurt and offend
The media moguls make their millions from sensational stories but them and their journalists can be lacking in ruth
But principle should come  before money and they ought to stick to the truth.

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