Friday, November 9, 2012

The Power Of Positive Thought

From radiation treatment his head it is bare
One can say of him he has suffered his share
Given six months to live at this time last year
Yet he does not look like one that death to is near

In three months from now he will turn nineteen
For one so young such tough times  in life he already has seen
But he is  one who is a long way from dead
He is looking forward to a  long life of him ahead

According to the doctors by now he would be decaying in his grave
In his case it is true fortune favours the brave
To the so called expert opinions he has given the lie
He is not one prepared for to lie down and die

The power of positive thought it is  powerful indeed
It has served him quite well in his time of greatest need
Against all of the odds cancer he did survive
And he is one who is very much alive.

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