Saturday, May 25, 2013


Why so many people want to live in Australia is something i can understand
A big Country of many good people and it is such a wonderful Land
A land of variable climates from the sub tropical and the tropical north to the temperate south
A huge Country for a population of twenty five million people and quite a livable Country no doubt
In Australia one can criticize the Government without fear of being sent to jail
The people in prison in Australia the good person test known to fail
Home to many species of marsupials koala, wallaby, possum, wombat and roo
And many species of birds so many such as corellas, honeyeaters, rosella and cockatoo
The lyrebird the World's greatest mimic, Kookaburra, magpie, magpie lark and currawong
The flightless emu and cassowary and the mound nest builders known as megapodes to Australia belong
The monoterenes the duck bill platypus and echidna egg laying mammals that have inspired story and rhyme
The home of the World oldest races of people the descendants of the people of the Dreamtime
Why so many want to live in Australia is not hard for to understand
A big Country of open spaces it is such a wonderful Land.

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