Monday, May 6, 2013

In Birdsland In September

Where it is so lush and green in September in Spring
And grey shrike thrush and blackbird in their nesting territories sing
And magpies sing all night as well as all day
In Birdsland in September from here far away

Young black duck with their mums swimming on the lake
And pee wees are calling in the cool of daybreak
And the bell-birds in the wood on the hill are on song
In South Belgrave their bell like notes heard all day long

Where at daybreak and twilight the white cockatoos call on the higher trees
Their harsh calls are carrying in the freshening breeze
And mixed flocks of white and straw necked ibis probe for slugs in the soft ground
In Birdsland in South Belgrave in numbers they abound

The home of grebe, moorhen, wood duck and swamphen
Where the whipbird's whip cracking like call can be heard in the wooded glen
In Birdsland in September from here far away
A beautiful place i have not  been to for many a day.

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