Friday, May 3, 2013

Just For the Sake Of It

Just for the sake of it some do complain
They would find reason to grumble if the World was their gain
They may be quite well off financially well to do
But they seem to have big worries and more than one or two
Suppose some people are born to be of the worrying kind
And they live till they die without knowing peace of mind
For the reason for this ask one on human behavior who has a degree
On the workings of the mind there are millions more enlightened than me
That one who ought to feel contented is not that way
Is confusing to me and it does seem fair for to say
That some well to do people will find reason to complain
And could not even feel happy if the World was their gain
Never short on life's comforts yet never satisfied
By the happy fairy of happiness they must have been denied.

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