Monday, May 27, 2013

Money Is Most Important

Money speaks every language as some are known to say
This is how it is and always will be this way
The poor are powerless and as powerless until death does stay
And those with heaps of money in the news every day

Money a huge boost to the ego and to self esteem
And on little of it so hard to live happy or so it does seem
They do seem quite friendless those financially down
The people with lots of money do not live on the poor side of town

The billionaire octogenarian with anti aging cream smoothens the wrinkles of time's decay
And with a hairpiece and brown hair dye cover his baldness and natural gray
Many times a great grandfather he divorced his sixth wife
To marry a blond beauty in her twenties the new love of his life

It is true only a saint does embrace poverty
Money does speak every language this is how it seems to be
The millionaire is never short of a friend
Money is most important why otherwise pretend.

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