Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nature Never Ceases To Surprise Us

Nature never ceases to surprise us and so little about her i can claim to know
And from her it seems we never stop learning and my wonder of her only seems to grow
The damp evening air is full of birds voices the loud karrawang calls of the currawong
The dark birds of the higher wooded country it is said that they have rain in their song

The ways of Nature's wildlife her wonders are many and her secrets not few
In my daily walks to my amazement every day of her i do learn something new
Of life it is said we never do stop learning of Nature we can also say the same
Is there one person who knows all about Nature at least not anyone that i could name

Nature changes her cloak with the Seasons and learning of her ways a joyful thing
Some of her birds one gets to know by their voices by their chirps or the songs they do sing
The gray butcher-bird i take as an example his song to it does have a bubbling ring
The magpies songs does sound so very flute like the birds who do treat every day as Spring

A damp Autumn evening near the end of April the currawongs calling on the high trees
Their karrawang songs not to be mistaken are carrying in the freshening southern breeze
It is true of Nature we never do stop learning we learn something of her every day
Her wonders many and her secrets not few she is quite amazing is all of her i can say.

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