Friday, May 24, 2013

She Married Her Greatest Friend

For him it is not easy with a mentally ill aging wife
But his commitment to her it will be for life
From his marriage vows he will not walk away
Till death does them part with her he will stay

In their mid seventies grandparents eight times they are married for forty years
She developed a mental illness in her mid fifties one of phobias and fears
But despite her irrational behavior to her he remains ever true
A devoted man his type are rare and credit to him it is due

For sticking to his marriage vows one of the loyal few
On saying men like him are rare i am not saying anything that is new
He never would forsake his wife in her time of need
Yes men like him not plentiful and honorable indeed

His aging wife with a mental illness hard to live with she was not always this way
But love does not have boundaries with her he choose to stay
On her vulnerable twilight years for love and support on him she depend
In him she married more than a good husband she married her greatest friend.

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