Thursday, May 30, 2013

Since In Four Decades Of Rhyming

Since in four decades of rhyming reams of rhymes i have written
By the doggerel bug i must have been bitten
Even before my decaying flesh in my grave will be rotten
The rhymes i have written like me will be forgotten

Few words ever spoken have ever been truer
Than the wise one who said true poets have never been fewer
Yet the word poet to describe themselves is used by many
Though a true poet as such i have never met any

I never had pretentions to be a social climber
And words best to describe me an old fashioned rhymer
I love to pen rhymes in my times of leisure
Not for fame or money but only for pleasure

My destiny in life like all olthers i follow
One of the last old rhyming men of Duhallow
The stuff i do pen may be long out of fashion
But i do write on and i rhyme with a passion.

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