Friday, May 17, 2013

The Weather It Is Rather Pleasant

I am one without cause for worry and it is such a beautiful day
Considering the calendar Winter approaching since we are in the first week of May
The weather it is rather pleasant for the latter end of the Fall
The silver bill magpies are singing and in the park children play ball
The deciduous leaves recently fallen looking dry, crinkled and brown
With a rustling sound by the wind blown along the foot paths of the town
But weather- wise it is quite Spring-like who would believe Winter is near
In weather temperatures close to the twenties quite warm for the time of year
Yet not everybody is happy the farmers are praying for rain
Suppose since they are dependent on weather they do have a right to complain
But i feel no cause for complaining this nice weather does suit me fine
Such beautiful Autumnal weather with nice spells of warm sunshine
The silver bill magpies are singing the magpie larks calling pee wee
Why should i not feel only happy with Nature's beauty all around me.

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