Friday, May 24, 2013

To Say The Least I Was Offended

He called me a bollox of a rhymer which means i pen terrible stuff
Though before he was born i was rhyming and for years i've been a rhyming buff
To say the least i was offended but he is much bigger than me
Well over two meters a strapping young fellow in the prime of his life twenty three
With one like him i would not argue too young, big and aggressive and strong
With him a shut mouth for me seemed the best option i did not even tell him he was wrong
Since one drunk and angry as he was one could not reason with at times like this silence does pay
To keep my cool despite provocation for me did seem the right way
His verbal attack on me to me offensive but i was not born to be a fool
I dare not argue with a big angry young drunk man i did what was best for me keep my cool
I know that i am not a good rhymer but to be called a bollox was taking criticism too far
But things like this often does happen in the confines of a public bar
But one night he will meet his come uppance  to one big and strong his own age the wrong thing he will say
Since for one as insulting as he is  the price can be huge for to pay.

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