Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Warrnambool To Geelong

At least two hours of travel by train in that i am not wrong
Between the coastal Cities of Warrnambool and Geelong
By paddocks in Autumn quite brown that in Spring are lush and green
Miles of fenced countryside for to be seen
Where cattle and sheep are plentiful and horses seem rare
In a countryside after weeks of warm weather looking dry, brown and bare
On what now does seem beyond human control
Global Warming on the countryside is taking it's toll
Poems are written and songs sung and stories are told
Of this Land in time that is so very old
It was even very old before the first people to it came
And they for it did have a different name
From Warrnambool to Geelong at least two hours by train
A journey i have traveled and will do so again.

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