Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yellow Robins

The ticking songs of the yellow breasted robins can be heard in all Seasons of the year
It is a song that is quite unmistakeable and always very pleasant for to hear
Though not shy birds i do not see them often except when i go to the wood and that is not every day
They seem to feel little fear of a human standing nearby and they do not fly far when from you they fly away
Blue gray on wings and back and head and tail and yellow under they often do cling to the low trunk of a tree
Watching the ground for sign of slightest movement and when a crawling insect they do see
On silent wings they pounce on and devour it always on the lookout for tiny prey
That smaller life forms are food for one bigger since time's beginning has been Nature's way
The yellow robins never form large flocks in pairs or one sometime on it's own
They are not the favorite birds of ornithologists one might say of them that they are not widely known
But i like them for their independent nature in large flocks they are never to be seen
In the parks of the town as of yet i have not seen one they like the quiet place of trees where it is green
I like them for their ways the yellow robins unmistakeable in their ticking sort of song
They are not birds that hide away from humans and once seen and heard you cannot get them wrong.

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