Thursday, September 19, 2013

Farewell To Julia Gillard

Though far left of her ways of thinking and for her i never would vote
In the history of Australian Politics she is one well worthy of note
As Australia's first woman Prime Minister she achieved something great
The woman born in Barry in far away Wales her own history did create

Farewell to Julia Gillard who never lacked in will and political fire
In her one can say that there is much to admire
But by her opponents within and outside of her own Party she was treated in the shabbiest way
For being Australia's first woman Prime Minister this is the price she did pay

Say what you like of Julia Gillard but the fact does remain
That a Prime Minister like her in Australia will not be seen again
Her speeches on equality for women have made her known Worldwide
That she is one of courage of her cannot be denied

Farewell to Julia Gillard she did things in her own way
But on her generous Prime Ministerial pension she will be okay
When the last of those who opposed her to the ways of time have gone
As Australia's first woman  Prime Minister her fame will live on.

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