Friday, September 6, 2013

On The First Day Of Spring

This morning in the  gray of dawn on the first day of Spring
In the backyard i did hear the  male blackbird sing
A voice from once  heard one could never get wrong
The dark golden bill bird has a beautiful unmistakeable song
And the black and white bird who sings every day of the year
The  beautiful music of the silver bill magpie a joy for to hear
And every wild born nesting bird chirp, whistle and sing
On the first of September of the calendar Spring
A forecast high for the  day of twenty degrees
And on a beautiful morning with only the slightest of breeze
Near to perfect weather for the Spring's first day
So good to be living is all i can say
To hear in the backyard the male blackbird sing
In the gray of the dawn on the first day of Spring.

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