Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perhaps I Would Be A Stranger

Far south of Hibernia's wild windswept shore
And  even further south of the Millstreet roadway to Rathmore
In the town park the black and  white magpies of bills silver gray
Are singing in the bright and warm sunshine today
Above  the fields of Duhallow the cool winds of Autumn blow
And the streams swollen from recent heavy rains to the big river flow
Bound for the great ocean many miles away
Old memories with us  through the decades does  stay
Where mine years ago was a well known face
Today to many i would be a stranger in my first home-place
Suppose with most other migrants it is much the same
In their first home-place theirs become an almost unknown name
Perhaps i would be a stranger today where i often walked before
In Claraghatlea near Millstreet Town on the roadway that leads to Rathmore.

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