Monday, September 23, 2013

The Man From Millstreet Town

He has lived through many Seasons and his hair is silver gray
And it does seem very obvious he has known a better day
But he always does seem happy one who never does seem down
He does not feel old in any way the man from Millstreet Town

He does have so many stories of his old Hometown far away
Of the characters he knew  there good memories with him does stay
Of the girls and boys he went to school with them he never more will see
But to live and grow old in Millstreet not in his life's destiny

One who does enjoy a few beers a man of  laughter and song
On Saturday evening at the local pub he joins in the sing along
In Millstreet today he might feel a stranger but the memories with him remain
Of the Town in view of Clara he may never see again

A grandfather in his mid seventies living with his long time Aussie wife
One who loves the Southern Country and the Australian way of life
He has seen a lot of Seasons since his hair was light brown
When he played football with his young friends in the Park of Millstret Town.

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