Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The One Eyed One Does Rule

In the 'Land Of The Blind' the one eyed one does rule
And the one eyed often in ways can be cruel
The broadcasters of fear often chosen to lead
Since the gullible majority believe what they hear of and read

Many political power-brokers  believe in their own lies
The truth from the public they know how  to disguise
And  one lie leads to another lie as the wise one did say
Some politicians do lie through their teeth every day

Us gullible voters not hard to deceive
But then we only believe what we want to believe
The lust for political power is an addictive thing
Those who have it do try their best to it to cling

The praises of flawed people the majority sing
And in the 'Land Of The Blind' the one eyed man is the king
In politics honesty does not seem to pay
But that our political leaders are our reflective mirror it does seem this way.

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