Friday, December 20, 2013

A Woman From Fermoy

She will never again see old Fermoy Town
Where she used to live when her hair was dark brown
But good memories of there with her does remain
And the Cork accent she brought with her she does retain

Life in the big World out there she yearned for to see
So she left Fermoy Town when she was twenty three
This is going back some two decades ago
And as we know time becomes everyone's foe

Single in her early forties her best years long gone
And time never wait it does tick on and on
Her hair visibly greying she looks well for her years
Though she is one who has known misfortune and tears

Her mum and dad are deceased they did not live to be old
And the family home by her sister at auction was sold
Never more to see Fermoy in Australia she will stay
For as long as she live till her last night and day

She does not have children or will never be any man's wife
A motor car accident ruined her life
Fifteen years in a wheelchair yet life she does enjoy
This beautiful person from distant Fermoy.

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