Monday, December 23, 2013

Pat Kelly

The principal teacher in Millstreet boys primary school of time quite a span
In Millstreet Town he first saw light of day and grew into a man
And in Coomlogane they raised their children he and Patricia his devoted wife
Pat Kelly will be missed from Millstreet where he lived all of his life

A prominent member of the working committee of the Millstreet Coursing Club for many years
Pat Kelly's passing in Millstreet would not have gone without tears
His great love of greyhounds came from his long deceased father Joe
Who owned, bred and trained track and coursing dogs decades ago

He followed Bill Keeffe as principal of Millstreet Boys Primary School when in his life's prime
A teacher and mentor to generations of Millstreet boys going way back in time
Well liked and respected and in Duhallow well known
Pat Kelly was surely one of Millstreet's own

In his late sixties or early seventies when he drew his life's final breath
One loved by many in life who will not be forgotten in death
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's where many of the deceased of Millstreet lay
Forever in peace he is with them today.

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