Thursday, December 26, 2013

Australia's Magpie Larks

The dainty black and white birds whose song sounds much like pee wee
The most endearing magpie larks so pretty for to see
They build their cup shaped nest of mud on low branch of a tree
Familiar birds to many and familiar birds to me
Well known in every neighborhood one sees them every day
They allow one get quite close to them before they fly away
Perhaps Australia's easiest to study birds they do seem almost tame
To be so well known to people one of their great claims to avian fame
They sing pee wee pee wee on all Seasons on weather wet or fine
I love them for their confiding ways these favorite birds of mine
Birds that one often does see in your backyard the park or on the street
They are not hard to get to know and are always nice to meet
Pee wee pee wee echoes at daybreak in the suburban park
The voice that none ought to mistake of Australia's magpie lark.

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