Sunday, December 8, 2013

Billy From Mallow

He does live far south of where the Blackwater flow
And much about life he can claim for to know
Billy from Mallow has physically known a far better day
The hair on his balding head now silver gray

A carefree youth in Mallow Town he did enjoy
In the Blackwater in Summer with his young friends he did swim as a boy
And though good memories of it have lived with him for years
For the place of his youth he does not have any tears

Five times a grandfather his Aussie wife Jo
Left him for another a decade ago
But Billy will tell you it was her choice not mine
And what she does with her life it does suit me fine

In his early seventies he lives on his own
And locally  he is well liked and well known
One who enjoys a beer and music and song
On Saturday evening in the pub he joins in the sing along

Though the accent of North Cork with him does remain
Perhaps he will never see Mallow again
Quite likeable about him he has a nice way
Life is what you make of it as Billy does say.

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