Saturday, December 7, 2013

If You look For The Worst In Others

If you look for the worst in others then the worst you surely will find
You cannot see light where there is darkness this is how it is for the negatively inclined
We often do project our feelings sometimes this does happen to me
You cannot see the good in a person if the good you do not wish for to see
So few human beings near to perfect this is how we are one must suppose
In life we create our own friendships and in life we create our own foes
And between you and your once friend who now is your enemy the dislike can become intense
And dislike it can lead to hatred if out of this you can make sense
For some people can be quite intransigent and from a position will not back away
If you feel you are right then you cannot be wrong as the wise one has been known to say,
Some people are blessed with good people skills and with others know how to get along
And they are quite quick to apologize if they believe that they are wrong
But those who look for the worst in others the worst they do usually find
And it is not hard for you  to make enemies if to mistrust you are one inclined.

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