Friday, December 27, 2013

In The Age Of The Selfie

We are in the age of the selfie where self centeredness for many does seem the in thing
The people who do crave attention their own praises they only sing
They take love of self to the extreme their favorite words me, myself and i
They do not grow kinder but older as self centered they live and will die
Self love in moderation is a good thing but too much of it to narcissism can lead
Of humble and down to earth people one much does not hear of or read
Some love to be the center of attention they love to be in the limelight
Wherever the media are present they never do hide out of sight
That we are in the age of the selfie only happens for to be true
Some people they do crave attention they feel in life this is their due
They seek the admiration of others and carry love of self to the extreme
One must say what does this say of them do they suffer of low self esteem?
The World seems to revolve around them with them it is me, myself and i
To say their egos need to be inflated of them would be telling a lie.

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