Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Your Memories

In your memories the home you were raised in does take pride of place
It is back to there your first memories in life you can trace
I have seen aging migrants very close to tears
For their first home in life they had not seen for years
The alcohol stirred up old feelings of nostalgia that had not died
Though in the World out there they had traveled far and wide
The nostalgia for what was in them latent does remain
That the alcohol in them stirs to life again
Old memories die hard as the wise one did say
They linger in you though time has left you gray
Time may ease the ache of homesickness but nostalgia never does die
For to say otherwise would be telling a lie
I have seen grown men hardened by life the tears struggle to contain
At old memories the alcohol had brought to life again.

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