Friday, December 20, 2013

Nature Forever Lives On

In a World of billions of people the Earth has more mouths for to feed
And billionaires exploiting the Planet's resources for to satiate their greed
The mine owners make billions in money in profit yet any taxes do not want to pay
And poor people are dying of the hunger in drought ravaged regions every day
With the billions of poor people of the World the super wealthy do not wish to share
Though there are a few generous super rich people to say the least their type are rare
The future does not look very peaceful with threats of war about religion and borders and access to water and oil
Worldwide the pot of trouble is simmering and will eventually come to a boil
The future it is looking gloomy for the poor of the World of today
Far too many hungry and homeless people which does seem a sad thing to say
The unequal distribution of wealth in the World condemning more to dire poverty
In a fair and equal Human World something like this would never be
Greedy men keep stealing from Nature her resources one must wonder how long this can go on
Extinction too can be for humans but Nature forever lives on.

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