Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On Hearing A Willy Wagtail Singing At Night

I heard the willy wagtail in the moonlight
Singing his familiar ditty in the calm of the night
Also known as the black and white fantail or the Australian nightingale
The singing duties as in most birds belong to the male
At every few hourly intervals i did awake
But he kept on singing until after daybreak
In his breeding Season with borders to defend
Willy does not even trust his own kind as a friend
Medium sized flycatchers of Australia that are widely known
The willy wagtails have a charm of their own
For birds of their size they display great bravery
They try to drive bigger birds such as magpies out of their territory
Their tails ever wagging as they scan for flies
In their breeding Season they sing all night until after sunrise.

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