Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On The Tall Eucalyptus Trees

On the tall eucalyptus trees in the fading twilight
Long bill corellas are squawking as they settle for the night
A large flock of them squawking together on the nerves can grate
But this is how corellas with each other communicate
The neighbor annoyed by their squawking uses his air gun to try to scare them away
Whilst some of them fly off most of them stay
The popping noise of the air gun only some of them scare
That the air gun will not harm them many of them have become aware
They grow silent when darkness spreads across the sky
And the only sounds one does hear are the male possum's hoarse cry
And the calling of a boobook owl on the trees nearby
Birds that in daylight to venture out are too shy
When night creatures are sleeping creatures that rest by day
Are out searching for food Nature works on this way.

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