Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The World's Greatest Killers

Since a deceased person can never put a bullet in my head
I only fear the living why should i fear the dead
We hear and read of maiming and murders every day
And for this the dead not responsible in any way
But i do fear the living of this why should i lie
Since it is at the hands of the living that many do die
By means of a gun or a bomb or a knife
Some people do not place a high value on human life
Human deaths by other creatures Worldwide seem quite rare
The greatest killer in the World is not a lion or a tiger or a shark or a bear
Or a snake or a spider or a large crocodile
The creature that is said that does have have death in it's smile
The World's greatest killers of human beings that we read of and hear of every day
Are living humans which does seem sad to say.

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