Sunday, December 22, 2013

We Do Spend Too Much Time

We do spend too much time worrying on what others of us do say
Without realizing their opinions hardly matter anyway
Since others opinions only just that and how their judgements affect you
Does seem to say more of you than words can ever do
Since many of those with good public images personality deception know how to play
Their true selves from others they manage to keep hidden away
That to be flawed is to be human some do fail to realize
And the one who does not care what others think of him or her one in ways who is quite wise
Those who pass judgement on others suffer of low self esteem
Their way of avoiding self analysis or so it does seem
There is truth in the old saying of live and let live
For you cannot receive good things in life if good things you do not give
And those who say unkind things of you to them do not pay any heed
Since for their own Karma they are planting the seed.

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