Saturday, June 20, 2015

Have You Ever Felt

Have you ever felt your life to nothing does amount
That as a person you are one who does not count
That your journey in life is not leading you to anywhere
There are millions who feel like you do in the big World out there.

As well as millions who find success in material greed
Who at the expense of others materially and financially succeed
That you live as an honorable person in truth one can say
At least the little in life you have you have come by in the honest way

You may be a sad sack of a poor side of the town
Where few wish to know of you when you are feeling down
But you have a home to go to after work and a comfortable bed to sleep in
In a World of homeless and Stateless people you are one who does win

Of the praises of the wealthy and famous the gullible masses may sing
But as the wise one does say success is a relative thing
You work hard for a living as good and honest people do
But sadly the worst critic you have happens to be you.

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