Thursday, June 25, 2015

On The Passing Of Jimmy Doyle

Sad news out of Tipperary that i have read online today
Jimmy Doyle the legendary hurler on his seventy sixth year has passed away
A beautiful striker of the sliothar ball
Amongst Ireland's great hurlers one of the greatest of all

Of Tipperary a famous hurling County a supreme hurling player
The Jimmy Doyles of the small ball game in Ireland to say the least rare
And yet quite a humble person fame never went to his head
His legend lives on though the great man is dead

That he was one of the all time great forwards of hurling of him cannot be denied
In Ireland the great Thurles Sarsfields Club-man was famed far and wide
A skilful and free scoring hurler in his physical prime
Till he like all others fell victim to time

A down to earth person unaffected by fame
Who had won every honor in the great hurling game
Great hurlers as he was are born not made
He will be remembered in Ireland as long as the game of hurling is played

Amongst hurling fans in Ireland one held in high esteem
One can say of him he was a hurler supreme
The last breath of life from Jimmy Doyle may have gone
But he will be remembered and his fame will live on.

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