Monday, June 15, 2015

The Power To Do Good

Power over others is something one does not need
But you can make the World better for to live in by your words and your every good deed
And if you are willing to help anyone in need of helping and never drag anyone down
Then you are an asset to your side of the town
Some people with power over others bad things have done
But he or she with the power to do good is a special one
The kind and compassionate are humanity's soul
In an age when human greed does seem out of control
For to make the World better to live in it is up to you
Since you have the power in you good things for to do
And this does apply to every woman and man
That you can make a difference you most certainly can
Those with the power to do good have a great gift indeed
And of more of their sort the Human World is in need.

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