Thursday, December 10, 2015

Have You Ever Felt

Have you ever felt an outsider that in the community you live in you do not belong
And though you have formed a few friendships you do not think them to be strong
With you they share little in common and look at most things to you in a different way
But then not everyone is born to be tribal does seem a truthful thing for to say

The beautiful sense of belonging is something that you never had
But despite what some may say of loners most loners as people are not bad
And since you have never harmed anybody and disrespect to anyone in word or deed never do pay
Then you live as quite a good person and who you are is quite okay

To the community coat-tails you are one who never does cling
You attend community gatherings since you are one who does your own thing
You do not have any friends in the community nor neither do you have any foes
The more friends you have the more likely you are to have a few enemies of this one can only suppose

You may feel you are a community fringe dweller and a stranger to local renown
But you are not alone in the World there are a few like you in every town
Who do like to live in their own way and as community minded people will never be known
But it can become boring sameness and as is said to each their own.

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