Sunday, December 20, 2015

On David Nolan's Act Of Bravery

Of the praises of brave people so many do sing
And sheer bravery for true love is such an unselfish thing
In the Bataclan Theater in Paris David Nolan shielded his girlfriend Katie Healy from the terrorist gunfire
For his act of bravery born of unselfish true love him one can only admire

Though badly wounded on one of his legs he shielded Katie on the floor
Where bravery was needed he was one to the fore
With people dead and dying all around them David coolly kept his head
Save for his presence of mind he and Katie would be among the dead

David is a true living hero of him one only can say
And the Human World is in need of many more like him today
A truly brave fellow in a situation where courage many would fail
The people of Kilcorney in him have a young hero to hail

To be in the wrong place at the wrong time is part of life's circumstance
And this is how David and Katie found themselves in Paris in France
When into the Bataclan Theater the deranged criminals crept in from the streets of night
And left death and bloodshed behind them on what was before their arrival a beautiful sight

Where so many good people did not come out of alive
David and Katie were among the lucky who did survive
His presence of mind him and his girlfriend did save
From the guns of fundamentalist terrorists of an early grave.

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