Thursday, December 31, 2015

I Have Never Been To Western Australia

I have never been to Western Australia though one day i hope to visit there
By all accounts a vast area of amazing scenery as beautiful as anywhere
With vast tracts of brown land uninhabited by people where dangerous snakes do abound
People have gone lost in the wilds of Western Australia without trace of them never more to be found

By decree of the powers that be in Western Australia house sparrows and starlings are shot on sight
As if they themselves descendants of colonizers do see fit to see what species of bird or animal have the right
For to live on their side of Australia the control of wild-born creatures is human arrogance in the extreme
Though many would see it as quite different this to me is how it does seem

This to me a negative of Western Australia their Government of wildlife control
Yet in the Natural environments Worldwide us humans take a far greater toll
Than any introduced birds or animals we are at the top of the food chain
And our ascent to the most dominant life form has not come at Nature's gain

I have never been to Western Australia from where i live in kilometers far away
Though i have heard some nice things about it and i hope for to get to there one day
But one news i do not like from there is that house sparrows and starlings are shot on sight
Human control of wild born creatures to me does not seem to be right.

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