Thursday, December 24, 2015

It Is One Of Your Bad Days

It is one of your bad days nothing for you is going right
And life for you seems a constant uphill fight
But so many like you in the big World out there
Who in life never seems for to get anywhere

Life is a battle for you anyway
Struggling to get by on poor take home pay
You have to support your two young sons and daughter and their mother your wife
You are one who does know about the hard life

But hope for a better future for you and your family is not dead
You can see better days of you ahead
And hope springs eternal as the wise one does say
You feel better times for you and yours are not far away

This for you a bad day and this for you nothing new
Since of bad days in life you have known of quite a few
On low take home wages you are struggling to cope
But at the end of your dark tunnel you can see a bright ray of hope.

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