Sunday, December 27, 2015

Live And Let Live

Those who murder people for their religious beliefs are already soul dead
Or else they are not at all well in the head
And since they have lost human compassion and empathy
How sad very sad for them life has to be
The badly injured who survive terrorist attacks must suffer till they die
Those who believe that they are justified in murdering for their God believe their own lie
They ignore Moses fifth commandment which states thou shalt not kill
If human law does not catch up with them one day Karma will
In cities and towns in many parts of the World every day
People are losing their lives in the foulest way
At the hands of religious zealots or those bearing a grudge
It is not the human purpose in life to be executioner and judge
Live and let live as the wise one does say
Those who believe on this in life are doing okay.

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