Friday, December 4, 2015

Since The Last Time I Saw Clara

On the last time i saw Clara it wore a hat of snow
And Finnow bank high in the rushy fields with a loud babble did flow
On towards the great Blackwater on that bleak December day
And the hungry cattle in the farmyard sheds were bellowing for silage or hay
As i boarded the bus for Rosslare in the Square of Millstreet Town
From the gray sky of early evening the rain was drizzling down
I was just one of the many in Duhallow back then not rare
Who took the migrant ferry for Fishguard at the harbor of Rosslare
Unlike the migratory swallow i did not return in Spring
Though often in my flights of fancy my thoughts do take to wing
And i can hear the curlew on a calm evening in May
Piping his flute like melody in the twilight of the day
Since the last time i saw Clara time has become my foe
For this is going back the Seasons to twenty nine years ago.

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